The key working bodies for the Forest Economic Partnership are its sub-groups. These are drawn from stakeholders and interested parties to explore various issues within each sub-group remit and to propose ways forward.

While the Stakeholder Meetings are open; Sub-Group Meetings are closed and any summary notes are only circulated to members. This enables full and frank discussion of issues and ideas between members. Members commit to attend at least once per quarter to the monthly meetings. This avoids the need to repeat various discussions and agreements so that solutions can move forward.

The four current sub-groups focus on areas of particular challenge to the District. Each has an individual mission and has the ability to create Action Groups to take forward particular projects in a timely manner.



Education & Skills

Within a lifelong learning context, how do we get the workforce we need for the District now and in the...


Transport, Infrastructure, Bridges, and Borders

The District Plan guides future development that gives us the space to work, live and play.

Dig Connectivity2

Digital Connectivity

We are told we live in a digital world.


Net Zero & Climate Action

The climate emergency will impact everyone including individuals, families, businesses, community & voluntary sector and other organisations within the Forest...