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Forest Economic Partnership (FEP)

FEP is a voluntary community partnership with the vision of making the Forest of Dean a vibrant and thriving place to live, work and do business. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, plays or studies in the Forest of Dean District or is interested in participating in FEP’s activities.

FEP’s mission is to deliver a thriving economy in the Forest of Dean District by connecting business, Councils, people, ideas and resources.

Already over 300 organisations/individuals participate in its quarterly stakeholder group or 4 sub-group meetings. Key to its success is the need to maximise future economic opportunities for employment and leisure whilst maintaining the district’s heritage and distinctiveness as a national landscape. More about FEP




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Business West Gloucestershire Director

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The Importance of Agri-Tech in a Challenging Landscape

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Bringing Power to Life in the Forest of Dean

By Deborah Flint, FEP Board member and CEO Cinderhill Farm


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Open to all, FEP subgroups include Digital Connectivity; Education & Skills; and Bridges & Borders, Infrastructure & Transport .

These groups discuss opportunities, problems and issues from a District perspective to gain consensus. This is used to inform policy-makers or to develop projects. Read more


Find out more about the current 9 approved projects that are started or planned which will have a real impact on aspirations, digital connectivity, transport, Biosphere Reserve, infrastructure and the realities of rural life in the Forest of Dean District and beyond. Read more


FEP Events include quarterly stakeholder meetings and monthly sub-group meetings. We don’t include Action Group Meetings.

We also show in our events calendar when FEP is participating in events such as Inspiring Forest and other projects. Read more


Papers sounds boring and formal; it’s not! Our projects often have research outputs or inform policy-makers and other publications.

As an open organisation, this section contains all that information in one place. Read more