FEP Projects

FEP Projects

FEP is running an increasing number of projects. Some rely solely on voluntary efforts while others seek funding. All are assessed against the SWOT agreed in 2018 as the basis by which to judge the potential and relevance of the proposed project to the economic aims of FEP.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Natural beauty
  • Geographical location
  • Ecologically diverse
  • Attractive environment for children/families
  • Range of outdoor activities available
  • Relatively free from congestion
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Presence of successful international companies
  • Diverse businesses
  • Tourism
  • Low rents & property values
  • New Gloucestershire College campus
  • Hartpury University
  • Forestry Commission
  • Private land ownership
  • Strong cultural connection and pride
  • Strong local communities
  • Great people & workforce
  • Transport & infrastructure
  • Division between main settlements
  • Areas that ‘drop off’ planning radar (border areas such as Tidenham)
  • Sports/recreational facilities decreasing
  • Poor Digital connectivity
  • Lack of variety of different types of business premises
  • No Chamber of Commerce
  • Struggling town centre retail
  • Low educational attainment/schools in special measures
  • Poor links between business & schools
  • Lack of awareness of FoD business within local schools
  • Limited choice of progression for students
  • Ageing population
  • Sparse population that is spread out
  • Resistance to change/growth/development
  • Insular communities/thinking inside the box
  • Ingrained lack of aspiration
  • External perception of FoD
Opportunities Threats
  • Space for large developments
  • Natural resources to mitigate against climate change
  • Renewable energy potential/Tidal power
  • FoD has renewable resources to meet 186% of energy needs
  • Eco-tourism
  • Making the FoD a centre of excellence for Forestry/Forest products – fuel, construction etc.
  • FEP – sharing good practice/joined up thinking/improved cross border relationships
  • Commercial relocation/inward invest opportunities
  • GCHQ involvement
  • Opening work experience window to full year
  • New mixed economy work-life balance achievable with new digital technology
  • New community hospital
  • 2050 – opportunity to engage with the bigger picture
  • Bridge toll abolished – pushing house prices up, more people commute outside of District, greater congestion in Chepstow
  • Too much development could destroy USP
  • Major businesses leaving the area
  • Lack of one dominant town/centre can inhibit external investment
  • Danger of not addressing issues of poor communication links, inward looking mentality, lack of investment in FoD
  • Young people leaving/more attractive lifestyles for young people outside of the Forest
  • Lack of involvement in other bodies’ plans e.g. development of M5 corridor / Newport and Cardiff
  • Rising water levels and temperatures due to climate change



InspiringForest WEB 152

Inspiring the Forest

Inspiring the Forest is an aspirational project to create career change in the Forest of Dean District.

Bridging the Gap FEP

Bridging the Gap

This project has now been completed. Read the case study.

Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success 2024-25

The Celebrating Success project has been proposed to to celebrate the innovation demonstrated by businesses across the Forest of Dean.

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Tech Nation FEP

Tech Nation District

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Proving Mobility as a Service (MaaS) via 5G in rural communities.

The Forest of Dean’s ChallengeGeographic LimitationsThe Forest of Dean is located in the west of the county of Gloucestershire.

Transport Study FEP

Transport Study

Travel data is often collected around pinchpoints and problems.