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Transport, Infrastructure, Bridges, and Borders

The District Plan guides future development that gives us the space to work, live and play. Once those uses are known we can consider the transport routes in the District to enable them become fit for purpose. What is the practical new vision that defines the Forest we want to be and the balance between the use of space?

The Severn and Wye have preserved the Forest. The best future protection is connection with all those around us to ensure a mutual understanding of economic needs. Looking outwards, what do we need and want to trade for bridges; participation in the South Wales-West of England economic powerhouse; and neighbours' plans.

The group is currently chaired by Neill Ricketts and the two sub-groups were merged given the considerable overlap between their agenda and the lack of visible activity to take forward the Western Powerhouse.

Significant responses to consultations include:

  • The proposed new hospital for the Forest
  • House of Lords Rural Economy
  • Cross-Country Rail Franchise
  • The Scale and Impact of the Farming, Food, Drink & Rural Economy in Gloucestershire of the Gfirst LEP Agri, Food and Rural Business Group.

Completed projects include ‘Is there an Economic Case for a Forest of Dean Biosphere Reserve’ conducted jointly with a team of Economists from the ONS as part of their corporate social responsibility programme. This demonstrated a significant economic case so the next stage is to engage with key stakeholders and the community to assess their view on desirability. This work is being taken forward by the Biosphere Reserve Action Group.

The Subgroup supported a major transport research project.

The Transport, Bridges, and Borders subgroup is currently inactive.