Forest of Dean Is Ahead of the UK


Covid has created many changes in the way that we live, work and play due. Changes in work practices have had positive benefits in reducing carbon with less travel.

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Cinderford Fastershire Project

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Over the last few months you may have noticed improvements being made to the broadband infrastructure across the District and the County.

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How Fast How Good is Your Broadband2?


In 2019, FEP ran its first survey on broadband speed in the Forest of Dean. Over 400 people responded giving a really useful picture of the actual situation.

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Broadband in the Forest


Thinking about the impact of COVID on the Forests Broadband

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Smart, the future of sustainable travel?


Smart is Sustainable Travel in the Forest of Dean.

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Digital Connectivity

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On the 25th October 2019 the UK government issued a press release stating that there is a “£1 billion deal set to solve poor mobile coverage”.

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