FEP's First Transport Study Reports 2021

Forest Transport Study

Today FEP is pleased to publish its first transport study reports Travel data is often collected around pinchpoints and problems.

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The Forest's Smart Rural Leadership Update


Three of FEP’s projects combine in this latest rural leadership update which also goes to the core of the Transport and Infrastructure Sub-Group objective.

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Forest of Dean Is Ahead of the UK


Covid has created many changes in the way that we live, work and play due. Changes in work practices have had positive benefits in reducing carbon with less travel.

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July Bulletin

FEP BLog Post 2

Approach to COVID-19Since the creation of the Forest Economic Partnership in January 2018, we have worked towards the goal of a thriving economy for the District in 2050.

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Rethinking Forest Transport

Transport Study FEP

Had 2020 turned out as we were used to, FEP’s Infrastructure and Transport Sub-group would have been debating the final version of a major Forest transport consultation.

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How has Covid-19 Affected Your Business?

business impact of covid 19

Covid-19 has forced all businesses to live in interesting times. For some like Zoom it has created a massive boost beyond the company’s expectations.

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