CIC Directors

Andrew M Callard Aimed Business

Andrew Callard

Andrew Callard leads on Marketing. When not volunteering for FEP, he runs Aimed Business.

20200127 Paul James 4197a

Paul James

Paul James leads on Finance. He is a member of the Digital Communications subgroup.

IMG 3604

David Trevelyan

David Trevelyan is Company Secretary for FEP and leads on the Health and Safety, Governance, Quality and IT.

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Wendy Jackson

Wendy Jackson leads on Human Resources.

Neill R 2

Neill Ricketts

Elected Chair of FEP in December 2020, Neill Ricketts and leads on Legal.

Bernie ONeill

Bernie O'Neill

Bernie O'Neill is the Vice Chair of FEP and leads on Equality and Diversity.

Rob Jenkins

Rob Jenkins

Rob Jenkins leads on Safegaurding.

Ian LinkedIn

Ian Price

Ian is Managing Partner of the Griffiths Marshall Business Advisory Group.