August Bulletin

The Forest Economic Partnership is dedicated to ensuring that the district's goal of having a vibrant and thriving economy in 2050 is still sustainable regardless of the current climate.



How Fast;How Good 2

 How Fast How Good

In 2019, FEP ran its first survey on broadband speed in the Forest of Dean. Over 400 people responded giving a really useful picture of the actual situation. Last week, we launched the 2020 survey. This is open to anyone who lives in the district covered by FoDDC.

We are repeating the survey in order to understand whether the situation has improved and what effect the pandemic might be having as the use of digital becomes evermore important. Responses are entirely confidential. Please take part and then encourage all your friends and neighbours to as well.

To take part:

  1. Please go to the Which Broadband Test page and run the test. This is best done close to your broadband hub when no one else is using it. Please note down the response time (shown in milliseconds), download (Mbps) and upload (Mbps)

  2. Then go to the survey tool and complete the questions. Typically it takes less than 4 minutes to complete.

For more information visit:


Highlights From the Stakeholder Meeting

On 30 June 2020, FEP held their first digital stakeholder meeting with presentations from Caroline Black of Canopy, Forest of Dean District Council and FEP’s board of Directors.

All presentations and question and answers are available at   


Recovery Plan

An ambitious plan to get Gloucestershire’s economy back on its feet in the wake of Covid-19 has been launched by Gloucestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership, GFirst LEP. It contains an unprecedented package of interventions to get businesses up and trading again, restore business, consumer and community confidence, and offer support to those who do lose their jobs.

To read the full Recovery Plan, please visit


Post COVID - Time to change how we work?

The impact of COVID-19 carries on, and there will be few people that haven't been impacted in some way.The clearest sign of the time is the substantial increase in people working from home. This poses a number of benefits and challenges, especially for our predominantly rural area.

Find out  more at:


Rethinking Forest Transport

Had 2020 turned out as we were used to, FEP’s Infrastructure and Transport Sub-group would have been debating the final version of a major Forest transport consultation.

This research would have taken the first step to a radical approach to ‘solving’ rural transport issues by starting with people’s needs and perceptions. As a ground zero approach this ignores current transport options with their issues. The insights gained would challenge many assumptions and lead to practical change.

Find out more at:


Creating a plan to decarbonise transport: call for ideas 

You may have spotted that the Department for Transport has launched an open consultation, calling for ideas to “Create a plan to decarbonise transport”. There is more information on the DfT website under

 This could be an opportunity to consider how we kick start the return to rail post lockdown, rekindling public support for modal shift from cars to public transport in support of local and regional climate change planning. The consultation is aimed at individuals and groups and is looking at all forms of transport.  It opened on 8 July and closes on 31 August, and ideas can be submitted online through a smart survey on


Dates for your Diary

11 August 2020

Biosphere Reserve Action Group (Closed Meeting) 10:00 to 12:00pm via Google Meets  

7 September 2020

Transport, Infrastructure, Bridges and Borders Sub-Group Meeting (Closed Meeting) 2:00 to 4:00pm via Zoom

17 September 2020

Stakeholder Meeting 9:30 to 11:30 at Hillside Brewery, Holly Bush Farm, Ross Rd, Gloucestershire, GL17 0NG (NB might be moved to afternoon of 18th September 2020)

17 December 2020

Stakeholder Meeting (Venue TBC)