Forest Business Climate Charter

Much has been spoken about climate change since the 1990’s. Some successes have been achieved but much appears to the business community to be hot air. Businesses struggle with the why, what and how of the role they can play. For the smallest businesses, it appears the least of their business issue particularly during a pandemic. Awareness needs to be increased of the pragmatic steps businesses can take that achieve the mutual goals of sustainability and profitability. The project will increase the understanding of whether district businesses are better or worse than the average in responding to this emergency and what might need to follow this initial one year programme.

The District Council, as with many UK Local, Regional and National public organisations, declared a climate emergency in December 2018. Since then steps have been put in place to create an environment for the District to respond and act on that emergency.

In early 2020 the Forest of Dean Climate Action group was formed following a public engagement process at the end of 2019. Since then an Interim Organising Group has been formed, consisting of representatives from the council, local community and business (including FEP). One of the outcomes from the organising group is creating effective engagement with Forest businesses to deliver a carbon neutral district by 2030.

Later this month, the Forest Economic Partnership, along with the Forest of Dean District Council, will be launching a new climate charter, that encourages organisations from across the district to commit to reducing their carbon footprint.

To help them reach their goals, businesses that make a pledge can access help and support - including how to measure their own carbon emissions and what practical measures can be taken to lower them - and join a community of local organisations all looking to take those important first steps.

 The Commitment

  • Publicly declare a Climate Emergency and commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2030
  • Directors or managers undergo climate literacy training or demonstrate existing knowledge
  • Measure your business’s carbon footprint
  • Set short and medium term targets for reducing your emissions
  • Choose one of the following three levels of action that you will commit to in order to measure, report and reduce your emissions
  • Report your progress on a yearly basis
  • Encourage other enterprises to do the same! Tell three other businesses about what you’re doing

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