How has Covid-19 Affected Your Business?

Covid-19 has forced all businesses to live in interesting times. For some like Zoom it has created a massive boost beyond the company’s expectations. For many it has brought problems and additional stress. Coming out of lockdown will create many more issues as businesses balance the needs of the company with the needs of employees and customers.

Locally and nationally there has been guidance and sources of financial support. But what is perhaps missing are the individual company stories about how covid-19 has affected their business particularly in rural areas. We’d love to hear and share yours on our Facebook page. Please like our page and then add a short comment on how it’s affected your business.

The Good and Bad Effects on Businesses in the Forest

Already we know from talking with contacts that covid-19 has thrown up some interesting rural impacts.

  • CAP Business Clubs is a networking group where members meet regularly once a week in 3 clubs in Coleford. Lockdown should surely kill business networking? But no, it moved on-line and continues to gain strength with new members. (although for some bad broadband prevents participation)
  • A business that might be in demand is will-writing. This had the hurdle of overcoming the need for a will to be physically signed and the signature witnessed by two unconnected people. And all of course to be socially distanced and outside. Then how to promote its availability without being seen to somehow take advantage of the situation?
  • Perhaps a switch in working? Such as the interior design company among others that switched its production into making PPE. Or the many people who found they could work from home?
  • Less positive are the many examples such as in the tourism and hospitality businesses, which have had to close at least for the lockdown. For some, unfortunately, it could be longer with the key spring and summer seasons wiped out.

Whatever your business story from covid-19 if you live or work in the District of the Forest of Dean why not share it on our Facebook page so we can understand the rural impacts.