How Lockdown Changed My Business

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Prior to all this, I was running a successful health and wellness business, Cosmic Teapot – mainly offering hands on treatments like massage.  It was a big shock to have to close in the first Lockdown last year.  And I’ve only been open for a handful of weeks since (between Lockdowns).  

Needing to find alternative sources of income, I decided to focus more on the coaching side of my business, and to start offering coaching via Zoom.  I chose to do this on a donation / ‘pay what you can’ basis - as I was aware many people were in difficult circumstances and needed help.  I have subsequently gained several new clients and helped them with a variety of things, from relationship issues to career changes and stress management. 

Stress was already a serious problem locally, nationally and globally before the pandemic.  Having taught stress management for a number of years, but being unable to now teach it ‘in-person’, I also decided to record an easily accessible online stress management course – with five short 15-20 minute modules (1.5 hours total), teaching simple tools for managing stress. 

In all honesty I wouldn’t normally have had time to do this…!  It’s proving really popular and so I’m glad I did!  By adapting to the circumstances, I have also helped a lot of people during a difficult time, as well as growing my business in new ways.  Here are some reviews of my course:-

“This course was really good – explaining the triggers for stress and simple techniques to help.  I really feel that I have learnt some good habits that I can use on a day to day basis.  Thank you.” Nicola Morris, UK

“Meaningful, elegant and practical.  Delivered in a way that almost everyone can understand and apply to their lives.”

John Robert Lyons, CANADA!

I am looking forward to reopening for treatment, day spas and mindfulness walks, for locals and tourists to the area again soon, but now have several other online offerings that give me a wider reach.  :-)

Cheryl Ann Barnes

Cosmic Teapot