Putting the Forest on the Map

Travelling in rural areas is a constant and complex problem. Unless you own and drive your own car; you’re stuck. But there might be a solution accessible to everyone, if we can apply technology and flexibility to this problem. This is why the government’s Geospatial Commission has awarded a grant to Rural Technologies and its partner FEP to research ways to do this effectively. In this, the Forest of Dean is leading the way for the other 144 English rural districts and the rest of the UK.

Not Another Consultation!

As part of a 3-month feasibility study FEP is carrying out a number of surveys to ensure that whatever software is developed meets the needs of those who live, work, study and play in the District. So yes, we do need your help to get as many people’s views as possible for the Forest Inhabitants Travel Survey.

Covid-19 has interrupted the way we live, work and go about our business. This survey is not about the restricted travel options and the way we need to live today. Its focus is to enable effective transport for the future that keeps us safe and enables us to travel flexibly and sustainably when we want.

This takes into account that from 2030 no new petrol/diesel cars will be sold in the UK. We have already seen with broadband the slow rollout to rural areas and how rural areas have been left behind. Acting now, we can ensure that we have the transport system we need, that fits the way we live as individuals and maximise our opportunities. By completing the on-line survey and sharing the link with others enables the best understanding of the issues and uses the District as the example of rural transport needs for the Government. The survey is open until 14th February.

Time to Act

FEP’s Transport & Infrastructure Subgroup has debated for the last 3 years has been about how those in the District use the area in different modes. This project gives it a much better idea of:

  • where people want to go when they’re working, shopping, socialising, undertaking leisure activities
  • what influences their choices; and
  • how they might go using the current options of car/motorbike, bus, community transport, dial-a-ride, taxi, car share, bicycle or on foot.

Can you spare us 10 minutes to complete this survey on-line so solutions could be implemented by 2023 and to put the district well and truly on the map?

This Survey Closed on 12 February 2021