Smart, the future of sustainable travel?


Smart is Sustainable Travel in the Forest of Dean.

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April Bulletin

April Bulletin

Forest Economic Partnership is now into its third year. In the first two years the FEP has had some impressive milestones!   With new and exciting projects in the pipeline.

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Digital Connectivity

rural mobile

On the 25th October 2019 the UK government issued a press release stating that there is a “£1 billion deal set to solve poor mobile coverage”.

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Is there and Economic case for a Forest of Dean Biosphere

Forest Biosphere

Forest of Dean first to ask - “Exactly how does a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve benefit the local economy?” In December 2018 the Forest of Dean District Council became the first rural...

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Welcome to FEP

FEP logo

If you’re reading this then the Forest Economic Partnership’s (FEP) is now live.

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